.....the inaugural annual PALM BEACH JAZZFEST will be held at the prestigious MEYER AMPHITHEATER located at the beautiful downtown West Palm Beach Waterfront on Saturday Nov 21st, 2015.  PALM BEACH JAZZFEST will be held the weekend before Thanksgiving, end of November every year at MEYER AMPHITHEATER as the FALL Music and Arts Festival for the City of WEST PALM BEACH; much as SUNFEST is the SUMMER Music and Arts Festival for the City every year. PALM BEACH JAZZFEST will be distinctly different from the SUNFEST concept in many exciting ways. 

This will be an ALL DAY Musical Event, from 11AM to 11PM, planned to include a variety of Musical Acts, starting out featuring some of the best upcoming local South Florida Jazz musicians. Palm Beach Jazzfest is committed to supporting our local young musicians, as they develop their talents, and start their careers. We will have national acts  throughout the day, with a headline act to close the show. We additionally plan to have a renowned Comedienne as an Opening Act and MC throughout the show; along with an exciting ART EXHIBITION; a selection of quality artists with their creations for sale on display. The Food and Beverage services will be more upscale in nature, featuring a selection of established local restaurants offering some of their favorite creations to add some local Palm Beach flavor to our event. Beverage services will be provided throughout the venue from local suppliers and producers of their products. We plan to feature the finest, professional, and efficient wait staff  from local establishments. Currently, Palm Beach Jazzfest is evaluating local charities to make a yearly donation to a worthy Palm Beach County based organization that supports children with special needs.

PALM BEACH JAZZFEST is going to attract a distinctively unique range of JAZZ Music Patrons from our local community; and we have carefully designed our Ticketing Options to accommodate the needs of all those that wish to attend. From those that are in the public eye, such as successful business moguls, professional athletes, musicians, actors, authors, media personalities, philanthropists and such; to the equally important Music Aficionado who more easily navigates through a public setting, we have the Seating Arrangements and Accommodations that you need. To offer each and every resident of our community an option to comfortably, securely, and conveniently attend PALM BEACH JAZZFEST, we will be offering three different ticket options for your consideration. The proximity to the stage, the nature of the amenities included with each type of Ticket such as the VIP PLUS fenced in Private Reserved Table Seating Area, or VIP Reserved Seating, or General Admission Lawn Seating, Waitress Service,  Rest Room Facilities; and with Police and Private Security Guards, for our high profile guests, Private Rear or Main Entrance, VIP PLUS Entrance, Valet Service, Private Parking Lot, Cocktail Waitress Service, and Luxury Air Conditioned Rest Room Facilities, will vary with each ticket option, as explained below.

(1) VIP PLUS Ticket RESERVED TABLE - The BEST SEATS, your private table with linen table cloth for 2-8 guests typically, RIGHT IN FRONT of STAGE. High Security details include a VIP Private fenced in area with WPB Police, Uniformed Security Guards, and  Undercover Security so that our hi-profile patrons and those who desire a luxurious music festival experience can be assured of their privacy, security, and full amenities. Private Rear Amphitheater Entrance with Police and Uniformed Security Guards for drop off/ pick up; and Valet Service to our rear adjacent private parking lot. Waitress Service for Food and Beverages from Local Palm Beach and West Palm Beach Restaurants will be provided as well. Luxury Air Conditioned Rest Rooms with attendants are adjacent to the VIP Plus seating area. This secure totally fenced in area allows for ease of entrance and exit, and access to your private table. Table mingling is not allowed in VIP PLUS area, and will be enforced assuring your utmost privacy, and an uninterrupted festival experience. Special requests may be approved by Security. Of course there is access to the entire festival grounds  to visit the Art Exhibitors, Sponsorship Tents, Restaurant Food and Beverage Vendors, and to stretch your legs between acts.

(2) VIP Ticket Reserved Seating - 2nd Section back, fenced in with security, for traditional  assigned seating with four sections of rows with numbered seats. Self service for Food and Beverages, by leaving the VIP Area, as well as visiting the Art Exhibitors and Sponsorship Tents. Rest room facilities are within the VIP area and are the existing  air conditioned amphitheater rest rooms on site. Your ticket and a VIP wristband will assure easy access re-entry into the VIP section and back to your seat.

(3) General Admission Lawn Seating - Behind the first two fenced in VIP sections will be open areas for traditional lawn seating. Open movement throughout for food, beverages, a visit to the Art Exhibitors, Sponsorship Tents, or the Portable Public Rest Rooms positioned throughout the venue for your convenience. An upgrade to a Luxury Air Conditioned Rest Room Facility is planned for additional cost and convenience.  

Palm Beach Jazzfest has been planned to bring a much needed annual JAZZ FESTIVAL to our community,  bringing a original American musical art form to Meyer Amphitheater each and every year.  We continue to search out investors and partners, who are Advocates for the Arts, and would like to be responsible for helping start this inaugural event.  Investor and Partnership arrangements, on becoming one of our Founding Fathers, can be discussed by contacting us.  The Palm Beach area deserves a quality Jazz Festival every year, that is worthy of our name. This Jazz event will expand the long tradition of Music and Art Exhibits on our waterfront area.....

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